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TradeStation® is our preferred brokerage. They offer best-in-class trading applications, and services for connected systems like Tiblio AI enabling us to work hard for you.

Meet Roger.

Roger removes the mystery and tedium from long term options investing.

He’s your special agent, applying algorithms to drive income by optimizing put and call option premium on stocks and ETFs of your choice according to your strategy.

Roger is a bot, but don’t hold that against him. His sole purpose is to help you make more money with reduced risk (of human error) in any market without day trading or making predictions. You’re his boss.

Get to know Roger. It’s free and easy!

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Roger's performance.

Roger translates your strategy into orders your brokerage understands. This saves you time and avoids human error compared to keying orders directly into your brokerage software. He utilizes real-time market data available from your brokerage to fulfill your options investing strategy with dramatically more speed and efficiency than even the brightest human brain.

Thus, when you think about Roger's performance, think about how much time he's saved you. To show the efficacy of the software, we have put together a demo portfolio, which you can view below, along with some quick stats.

Cumulative Option Income
12/8/2022 - Today
Quick Stats
12/8/2022 - Today
  • Starting Capital: $100,000
  • Option Income: $12,819.0
  • Returns: 13.49%
  • Orders Filled: 329
  • Net Liquidation Value: $113,494

For demonstration purposes only.

Roger hates losing money.

The statistics are undeniable. When it comes to executing the right trades at the right time, or following a plan day-in and day-out with utter consistency, we're just not that great at it. Instead of losing sleep over losing money, let Roger do the heavy lifting for you. He hates losing money.

100MM retail investors
8.1MM average daily trades
80%* lose money

Never invest alone.

Roger helps you maximize the potential of your strategy by removing your biggest obstacles – human emotions and time management. You won’t be as susceptible to changing your investment plan due to fear, missing a trade, or making a mistake by trading on your phone while navigating traffic.

When operated correctly, this strategy forms a complete cycle that captures every last ounce of option premium while simultaneously moving your account in harmony with the market or the underlying equities that you choose to invest in.

Some refer to this as the Wheel Strategy.

Learn More About the Wheel Strategy
Artist desk

Here are a few features of our algorithms.


Pricing Algo

Helps you get the best price for the options you want to sell.



Spreads positions across strikes and expirations.


Reduced Losses

Naturally lowers your maximum draw down.


Option Selection

Finds the best option across expiration dates.

How to start.

  1. Connect to one of our supported brokerages
  2. Configure your account and add equities
  3. Begin by writing put options, scaling into full position size
  4. Continue writing puts until assigned
  5. Once shares are in the account, Write call options
  6. Continue writing call options until the shares are called away
  7. This cycle repeats indefinitely
investor dashboard

Farewell FOMO.

Option premium, current market price, option strike price, days to expiration, position size, asset volatility, interest rates, supply & demand – the number of variables demanding your attention are endless and create FOMO. Roger helps you say farewell to your fears and invest with confidence. The benefits you gain are boundless, starting with income, more free time, and less stress.

Read our free e-book and visit our Learn module and visit our YouTube and TikTok channels to learn more about options trading, Tilbio AI and how to invest with confidence.

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