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Welcome to the platform traders love.
Harnessed for option income. Designed for automation. Celebrated for ease of use.


Profit 2 Ways

Through option income and stock appreciation.


Reduced Losses

Naturally lowers your maximum draw down.



Trade in the same account, if you want.


Put Options

You choose the equities, the bot sells options.


Call Options

You choose the equities, the bot sells options.


Profit Taking

Close early for profit to sell even more options.


Pricing Algo

Control how hard your bot works to get filled.



Receive notifications anytime it sends an order.


Free to Start

Pricing comparable to a managed ETF.



Automated scaling spreads out positions.


Pause Mode

Avoid mishaps when making bigger changes.


Activity Log

See exactly what your bot is thinking and doing.

Our Principles for Investing

We set forth these 2 principles as guiding principles in the design of our algorithms that they must satisfy in order to be used.

1. Does not make predictions.

At Tiblio, we firmly believe that stocks exhibit what is called a random walk. And if anything is truly random, then it cannot be predicted. We also want consistent output from our algorithms, and we all know predictions are anything but consistent. So our algorithms do not predict anything. Tiblio AI knows all possible outcomes of option trades and acts according to the algorithm design in a deterministic manner that can be repeated to produce the same or similar outcome.

2. Must not do worse than buy-and-hold to the downside.

You'll read a lot of investment literature and investment advice that says buy and hold is the way. My finance professor at UCLA Business School made a joke that stuck with me. He said that there were people that made money with trading apps on their phones, they are the people that logged in once, bought a bunch of stock, and then forgot their password.

At Tiblio, then, with that in mind, when we design an algorithm that cannot do worse than buy and hold, we mean it isn't up to the operator. It is embedded in the fabric of how the algorithm works, it may or may not do as well as buy and hold to the upside, but according to this principle, it cannot do worse than buy and hold to the downside.

We Prefer Tradier Brokerage

Tradier offers premiere brokerage infrastructure that Tiblio AI leverages to help you sell stock options. Tradier also has a web based trading interface and trading app and some of the lowest overall fees that we've seen anywhere. With Tradier Brokerage you get the opportunity to augment your trading with powerful software like Tiblio AI.

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Getting Started With Tiblio AI Couldn't be Easier.


Connect to your Broker

Your new trading robot trades with Tradier Brokerage. Your account will need options trading level 2 approval at a minimum. Approval to sell naked puts is better.


Configure in minutes

You're in control of all the fun stuff. Configure your robot to invest in the equities you want, in the proportions you want, exactly how you want.



Tiblio AI will take it from here monitoring the market multiple times per day and sending and alerting you to orders sent to your brokerage.

Tiblio AI Lacks Human Emotions.

Have you ever put together a trading plan and then executed it perfectly up until the point that the trade wasn't going naturally according to plan?

Have you ever extended a trade hoping and praying that it would turn around?

Have you ever violated your position size maximum to try to turn a trade around?

Have you ever resisted adjusting a trade, closing a trade, or not traded out of the fear of missing out (FOMO)?

So why does the bot work so well? It doesn't suffer from these human emotions and actions. It doesn't hesitate. It doesn't fear. It doesn't doubt the plan.

Wish You Could Automate Your
Covered Call Strategy?

Wish no more. Selling covered calls is one of the most popular options strategies and is one way to "collect rent" on the shares of stocks and ETFs that you own. But this is rather difficult in practice.

No more missed trades. The bot checks in multiple times per day to see if anything needs to be done like writing new call contracts, managing open orders, or closing call contracts for profit.

No more human emotions. Maybe you thought you should wait to sell that call option because maybe the stock will go up the moment you do. Only to miss the opportunity. The bot doesn’t hesitate, it follows the plan.

No more predicting the market. Selling covered calls doesn’t require a crystal ball, just consistency. Which is something that humans aren’t the best at. Robots on the other hand excel at performing these tasks with unimaginable speed and precision.

What if the market is climbing too fast? A simple turn of the knob to sell fewer or further away call options usually helps you match the climbing market so you’re not called away too often.

What if the market is falling too fast? Dial down the call options to sell them more aggressively, but don’t worry, the bot won’t sell options with a strike price under your adjusted cost basis.

Don’t want to sell all of the call options at once? Of course not, this bot knows how to scale which you can control by tweaking a couple of configuration settings.

Artist desk

Satisfy Your Curiosity

Want to see what the AI can do but not ready to just unleash it on your account!? Who can blame you.

We couldn't have developed the robot unless we were able to watch what it was going to do without it actually doing anything. So that's why there is a live mode setting that you can toggle on or off. Simply toggle that off and then check back on the activity tab to see notes about what your bot would have done. All of the details are included so you can choose if you want to manually take those actions and then look out for your bot's next move.

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