How-To Read the Activity Log

Monitoring Roger

How could you have automated trading without a window into what the automation is doing? That window is the Recent activity screen and is available from your dashboard. There are three main sections in the recent activity and these are: Settings changed, Last 10 days of activity and Recent filled orders.

Settings changed in the last 90 days

Have you ever walked past your bookshelf, noticed a book and wondered quietly "Who put that there?" only to realize hours later that it was you? It happens to all of us. And just so you don't have to remember when you changed the buying power of your bot (or any other setting), all of the settings changes going back 90 days are on display for you here.

This is important too because we track performance and performance is often guided by these settings. So you can look back and see when you changed the deltas of the bot or when you paused or un-paused the bot, etc... All of these settings changes directly impact performance and so understanding them while looking at past performance is important.

Last 10 days of activity

Here you will see what Roger has been up to over the last 10 days. We're always improving this messaging so the messages that you see might be a little different, but this is an idea of what to expect.

Here are examples of the the two most common log lines you'll see:

  • Writing 0 of 2 puts on XLC, order size is 0 (max share count 578 @ 61.0/share, current position 100 shares, 2 puts)
  • Writing 0 of 0 calls on XLF, order size is 0 (target calls=7, call_count=7)

In the first one, we see that Roger is not writing any puts right now and then he's explaining why. It says that there are 2 puts available to write, but the current allowed order size is 0. That means he's done scaling for now. Those two puts will be sold on the next day or week according to the scaling parameters. The rest of this line is there for you to see the allocation at the share count level. This will allow you to adjust your allocations to optimize use of your capital. For example, if you see like in this example, the max position size is 578 shares. We could bump up the allocation a little bit so that Roger is able to sell a 6th put.

The second line is more straight forward because we don't have to deal with shares + options for the position size. We will just see how many calls are being written and then a snapshot of how many short calls are open and what the target is.

Recent filled orders

Recently filled orders

This is here more as a confirmation than anything else since you'll most likely be looking at orders within your brokerage account. You can see a really quick snapshot of the options that were recently sold. Keep in mind you may also see orders that you placed through your brokerage show up in here as well.

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