Everything you need to operate your option income strategy.


Option Selection

Selecting the right option, verifying the price, checking against position size and average cost is very tedious for humans, but Roger accomplishes this with ease.


Pricing Algo

Helps you get the best price for the options that you’re trying to sell.


Reduced Losses

Selling options reduces losses vs buy and hold of the same equity. This is a natural effect of bringing in option income to establish your positions (selling puts).


Profit Taking

Rogers monitors your positions during market hours every day and when he detects that a position has reached your profit target, he'll send an order to close.


Put Options

Selling put options is the first action in the overall system to establish your positions. Puts are scaled up and spread across strikes and expirations.


Call Options

Once assigned shares of the underlying, Roger continues to run your strategy by selling covered call options. Again scaling and spreading positions out.



You can adapt your strategy to advancing or declining markets by adjusting the target delta and DTE values. Read more in our article on this topic.



Feel free to trade alongside Roger on the same or different equities. Be sure to avoid adding spreads or other complex positions on the same equities.



At your discretion, Roger will send you real-time or end of day notifications on orders sent to your broker. He'll also send you an end of day recap.



Operating options strategy effectively means scaling into positions over time in order to spread contracts across both strikes and expirations.


Pause Mode

You can always come in and pause Roger. This will allow you, as the portfolio manager, to make bigger changes such as rebalancing or exiting specific positions.


Activity Log

This is a complete log that you can check to see what Roger is doing. You don't see any orders? Check here to see what's going on and if you need to fix anything.

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