How-To Monitor Open Positions and Capture Profit

Monitoring your profit targets is very important to optimizing your overall option selling strategy. However, few of us have the time to manually monitor the prices of all of our open positions and setting alerts for each position proves too cumbersome.

Tiblio AI solves all of this with one simple setting.

Your bot comes with a profit target setting that you can use to tell it when to close a position to capture profit. The setting defaults to 0.9 or 90%.

For example, let's say you sold an option for $1.00 and your profit target was configured for 0.9. Once the bot sees that the price of the option has fallen to $0.10, it will buy the option back to close the position.

This naturally opens up space in the overall position size and allows the bot to sell another option automatically.

Now that's what I call perpetual option income. And all without lifting a finger!

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